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Friday, August 3, 2007

Comic Strip: Baggers

Sir, I must admit I do not know whether you are being satirical, sarcastic, or just believe what you have put down in the "Baggers" strip today.
In Mexico, classes are in ONE Language:  Spanish.  You are expected to speak Spanish when you are in Mexico.  A non-Mexican is not permitted to own Shoreline property.  If you come into the country illegally, you are thrown in jail.  There is no assistance for non-citizens (read "foreigners").  And foreigners (non-Mexicans) are not allowed to vote.
In France, you are expect to speak French.  In Germany, you are expected to speak German.
This great country is divided.  Our citizens can't even communicate with each other because we don't all speak the same language!  This doesn't make us tolerant; it makes us the laughingstock of the world.
I am not denying the fact that others have the right to speak their own language.  There is an expression:  "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
Of course, there's also a counter-expression:  "When in Rome, do as the Germans do.  You'll drive the Romans Crazy!"  (By the way, that's MY quote)
There is no place for divided loyalty in this country.  I'm part Swedish, but you don't hear me running around calling myself a "Swedish-American."
If you are not American FIRST, you are not American, period. 
President Theodore Roosevelt stated that there was room for ONE LANGUAGE in this country.  ONE FLAG.  It applied in 1903, it applies today.
SURE, be proud of your heritage.   But first and foremost:  AMERICAN.  I really don't care what your color is.  I don't care what your religion is.  Color is hereditary, Religion is choice.  But in this country, it ought to be AMERICAN first.
If you would like, you may use this letter on your blog.  You are entitled to attempt to refute my statements, as well.  But you may be surprised that many people, regardless of race or creed, agree. 
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