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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Bear with me here while I gripe a little.

I have someone GRIPING at me because of a minor thing on a post.
I could give the whole story here, names and all, but it's not worth it.

Last July started a landslide.  In August, I was told that my wife would need cardiac surgery.  She was in the hospital for over a week.  But there was no cardiac surgery, just a stent.  We said THE HECK WITH IT. (That was early September).  We're constantly called, harassed, to get the surgery done.  In order to do so, we had to get another appointment.  They set up a date, then tried to cancel it.  We told them stay with what you have given us, or we go elsewhere.  Finally, end of November, surgery.  My wife is in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  Over the next couple of months, I'm nursemaid, as well as my usual tasks (Which includes cooking, cleaning, washing, etc).
There are doc appointments over the next months.  We have taxes done (OUCH) and find we owe (Of course).  In April, there's a change in insurance policy, so that changes some stuff.  Then, on the 3rd, our vehicle is totaled.  We're without anything for 2 weeks!  Docs want appointments, but we have no way to get there.  2 weeks to settle a claim, THEN our insurance increases by about 50% (Even though we were NOT at fault!)

May comes.  Another policy change, medicare.  Insurance problems, high deductibles and co-pays with some of the "Covered" meds not covered at all!

Some other items are sent to the wrong policy, so they're declined.  We had to discuss THAT with the company involved (Which did not return our call -- I had to call THEM in JUNE!)  I may get stuck owing 147!

DTV tries to charge us 20/month on something we didn't order.  And the pharmacy tries to charge DOUBLE the co-pay on a med.  Turns out, they're trying to give 2 months worth without our permission.

In June, my wife developed an apparent ulcer.  Once again, a "Covered med" isn't covered.  We need tips (Syringe needles)  for one of her meds.  I'm told They have a big deductible.  So, more troubles.

For the last month or so, we've had nothing but doc appointments.  2 x a week!  50 miles round trip.  Plus an hour to 2 at the doc.  Seriously.
We're not even to the middle of the month.

My wife is not eating well and her blood sugar is far too high.  I'm doing it all.

And the person of whom I spoke in the second line has the nerve to tell me that a simple statement that the website which was posted wasn't working was a negative comment!  That I'm "Seen through" and must "Always get my way."

I tend to think you haven't gone through 1/5 of what we have in the last year...even if you are not fully employed.


I really hope you're not typical of your home state.

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