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Evidence will vary by location.
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

FB post could be I'm posting HERE, TOO!

Facebook has a very strange policy over what they consider "Inappropriate."
Arabs can post "DEATH TO ISRAEL" everywhere and face no action.  However, if someone calls out perversion as that, they get slapped or worse.  This is censorship, pure and simple.

I made THIS post on FB, because of the liberal agenda to make us a bunch of Godless heathens.

NOVEL IDEA right?  Let's protect the women and Children from rapists and pedophiles!

Hey, HERE'S a novel Idea! Since the Liberals want "EVERYBODY" to be able to use "ANYBODY'S" restroom, let's just knock out all the walls!

This will protect ANY MAN OR WOMAN OR CHILD...from those who may be on the Sex offenders list, or those who ought to be!
Really want walls? Then how about Transparent? It's every Voyeur's dream!
Don't like it? How about the other option? Use the room that is appropriate for your God-Given Gender!

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