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Evidence will vary by location.
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Monday, December 30, 2013

New Sub-Atomic Particle found.

Scientists have confirmed an amazing discovery of a new sub-atomic particle, called an Oscillating Neutron. It doesn't remain in an "exact" orbit, hence the term "Oscillating." Instead, it "shimmies" slightly.

Professors B. Murphy, O. Olson, D. Richards have confirmed the finds, especially strange locations. They have named the particle the "M.O.R.O.N" and have found a lot of them in D.C. and on Capitol Hill. The ones found on the Hill seem to shuttle between the hill and the states....There is one, however, that seems to remain in place, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Amazing. I thought most of us recognized the fact that there was a M.O.R.O.N. in the White House.

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