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Evidence will vary by location.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday 13th Meditation

Yesterday, here south of the Mason-Dixon line, in the Sunshine state...I experienced the type of day about which people often dream, but very seldom see; they're either working or otherwise occupied, so they miss out on a "no-single-adjective-description" day.  I have racked my brain, scoured the dictionary trying to find a single world that can describe such a day,  but there is no single descriptive word that fits yesterday's remarkable mixtures.

It was warm, yet cool.  The sky shaded from pale blue to deep-sea blue across the immense rotunda that stretched from horizon to horizon.  There wasn't a cloud to be seen.

It was a day that produced conflicting desires, but wouldn't berate your choice.  No matter what you did, it would be the right choice.  Let me explain.

It was warm enough in the sun to dress lightly, yet if you walked into the shade, you might want to pull on a sweater.

It was a day that invigorated, and yet relaxed the people. 

It was a day that would make you want to get out, do something, work in the yard...but at the same time it was saying, "it's not a rush-job.  Take your time, enjoy it.  Don't worry about finishing; there is always later."

It was the kind of day that made you want to sing an aria to a rock tune, or do a hymn to a rap beat. 

It was the kind of day that would make a bass sing soprano, and allow eyes long closed to the evil of the world to see beauty for the first time; a sense of wonder of the newborn for those of ancient vision, and first sounds for those whose ears have long since turned to tin.

It was a day when a whisper would be heard above the din, when shouts would be muted...and the mute would be heard easily.  Yes, THAT type of day.

This type of day defies one-word definition, and yet I search for one in vain.  The day, however, whispered to me while I slept last night.  Her words, true, were a simple "I love you.."

Perhaps, this defines it.  I wish you all an "I love you" type of day.

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