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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ease on down the road.

1 PM in FL on 1-13-2012, with "Supposedly" 343 days until the end of the world.  :)  Temp isn't even 50 degrees, but not uncomfortable.  I have no vehicle available today (at this hour) so I decide I'm going to walk to the store.  It's about 1 mile away.My walking speed used to be about 4 MPH, Recently, though, I've been averaging about 2.8.  I'm not as fast as I used to be.

I left my meds at home (Foolish) and walked down to the store.  Then I decided to try something.  Is it even possible that I might be able to double my pace?  Can I get the mile in 12 minutes/  It requires me to try a slow run.  I have COPD, such a run may prove to be stupid.  But I decide I will try.

I doubled my pace ... for about a minute.  I was thoroughly winded afterwards.  It was stupid, I guess, to try.  I continued walking...and about 5 minutes later tried again... I didn't even make a minute, that time.

I know this old body of mine ain't in the condition it could be, especially not the lungs.  But I tried.  I did not succeed.

Is there any reason to be discouraged?  Not really.  I didn't expect to be able to do much.
Is there any reason to be ENCOURAGED?  Again, not really.  I wasn't able to double my pace, although I may have picked it up slightly.

I'm just old.  Bodies wear out after time.  Mine is wearing out faster because of COPD.  But I find it slightly promising that I was able to do ANYTHING.  That I am still able to walk 4-6 miles a week is pleasing.

So, I'm getting old.  I can't run a marathon.  Can't cover a mile in under 20 minutes anymore.  but I CAN still walk.  I guess that's something....AS I SEE IT

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