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Sunday, August 7, 2011

#SampleSunday : some years later -- Mike's heart is about to lead him to the edge of a cliff

My SampleSundays have actually gone too far into my book now.  So from this point on, everything will be earlier in the Timetable of the book

It's been years since Mike and Diane met, now.  Mike's crush has deepened so much that he's truly in love with Diane.  It's been 6 years since they met.  They've dated -- not a lot, though.  And Mike, in this particular November, decides to follow his heart.  It's going to be a trip to the edge of a cliff.

FROM CHAPTER "A PROPHECY FULFILLED"   (Book Special Times, Special Summers)

One night, I was just sitting and thinking about the future. That’s when I remembered my address book, on top of one of the boxes of books that I had packed. I reached for it and it fell to the floor. It opened as it fell, landing on the page where Diane’s name and phone were listed. I hadn’t seen Diane in quite some time. But my heart came to life again, in a way that it hadn’t since the last time I saw her. It seems that my life was just empty without her.

I dialed the number. Then the familiar voice, the angelic melody which was Diane’s voice, answered.

Hi, Diane! How are you doing today?” I asked.

Mikey!” she exclaimed. “Oh, goodness! It’s been so long! Things have been going well here. I just got a new job, and I no longer have to work swing shifts!”

Diane, that’s great!” I responded. “I’ve been busy studying, getting the last details in before graduation from college this next spring. I’ve gotten a fine job offer, too. I’ve not accepted yet, but it would begin shortly after graduation. I’m going to call and take it in a few days.”

We talked for 30 minutes, just about the things that had been going on for the last couple months. Then, as I had done for the first time in the summer months, I got up my nerve. “Diane, would you be free on the night of the 15th? I’d like to see you again, and that night is free for me. Maybe we could go out for a night on the town. How does that sound to you?”

I’ll have to check my calendar, Mike,” was her response. “Hold on, and I will check!” I waited for 5 minutes, and thought she may have forgotten me. Then the voice: “I’m free, Mike. What time?”

My heart was pounding. “7:00 PM. I have just the place. It is a little fancy, you will need a dress. I’m going to have my suit cleaned, just for this,” I informed her.

Dress?” she asked. “Do you know how long it’s been since I wore a dress? And you’ll be wearing a suit? Mikey, what is going on? Where are we going?”

Now, it was my turn to tease a little. I recalled the words she had told me, years ago. “Diane, what’s life without a little mystery?” Then, I laughed. “Actually, Di, it isn’t a place that requires a tux or gown. But they do not allow jeans, and they demand ties for the guys. It’s their dress code, and I’m not going to argue with them over it. So, are you game or are you going to say no because of this dress code of theirs?”

She paused so long that I thought I had lost the connection.

Honey,” she said, “Do you know how much I dislike dresses? They make me uncomfortable. They’re also darned cold at this time of year! But, for you…. I’ll wear one. I have just the thing. Is Black okay by you?”

Black? Diane, that would be positively perfect,” I said, amazed at what seemed to be a woman's intuition. “Do you have a strand of pearls to go with that? I mean, they do fit together, you know!”

No pearls, Mike. Gold chain. Will you be in that blue suit you’ve mentioned?” she asked.

Nope. Gray. I got a new suit a while back, planned on it for graduation this spring. But I am going to wear it on the 15th, just for you,” I replied.

As we hung up, I went to talk to Dad. “I’ve got a date with a very special girl on the 15th,” I said. “She’s always been special to me. In fact, more so than you probably realize.”

Dad looked at me, with a knowing gleam in his eye. “Oh, planning on moving swiftly, are you? You were aware that I did the same at your age? You are definitely following the footsteps of your old man, son. Let me guess: It’s Diane Lester. And you are requesting your Mom’s rings. I held them for you as your mother requested.”

My dad seemed to have realized that my attraction to Diane had grown over the years. And he hit the nail on the head. Although I hadn’t dated Diane more than once, I knew that she was the one for me. But I had to ask my dad about something. “How many dates did you have with mom before you proposed?”

He smiled at me. “Son, I know what you are thinking. My brother proposed on the second date. I was on the third. Your Grandfather had only 5. So, you are in keeping with the tradition that has been established. I will get the rings from the bank’s vault tomorrow.”

I called to make reservations at The Crystal Chandelier, which was the place that I had in mind.  

(NOTE-- While there is no such place of which I know, It's a very RITZY place.  It's a top of the line restaurant and ballroom...just PERFECT for what Mike is planning...But both guys and gals alike are aware of the potential Answers -- YES, or NO.)

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