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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I wrote to the President this morning, very early

I have ALWAYS been on to speak my mind.  It never changes, that fact.  I speak my mind.  Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth.  Sometimes I issue sage advice. 
The current budget impasse/debt ceiling trouble is my big issue.  I am FED UP with it.
I arrived at the website, and I sent an Email.  I reworded it three times.  I finally got my best effort  And this is what I sent to Oval Office occupant.  (SEE BELOW)
  Mr President: 
It is time for you to PUT FORTH A PLAN to keep the U.S. From Defaulting.  I have not seen one from you.  Not one. 
Look, I'm going to give you my idea-  Use my name if you wish, tell both sides this is from a man who is disabled, a GOP member, on SSDI -- a man who's been through foreclosure and bankruptcy.  PUT FORTH THIS IDEA, and let everyone stew, but please do it.
1. Put a 10% across the board cut into effect.  This means YOUR salary, CONGRESSIONAL salaries --SSDI, SS, SNAP, Medicare -- 10% across the board.  I'm willing to take a 10% cut if YOU and CONGRESS and GOVT WORKERS do the same.
2) INCREASE taxes by 1.4% on INCOME.  1.4% is not going to break anyone.  And I don't mean just the rich, I mean EVERYONE with income. But it must be rolled back by .14% each year until it returns to current levels.
3) Offer credits for businesses which bring jobs back to the U.S. From overseas and stop outsourcing.
4 Give a 1 Trillion increase in the debt ceiling.  BUT, with the stipulation that it is ROLLED BACK by 10% each year until it returns to current levels.
The current problem is EVERYONE'S problem.  Not just DFL and GOP.  EVERYONE.
A default is risked.  America cannot stand another year of this economic climate. Something must be done now.  The ball is in your court.  Don't fumble it away, Sir.  

Of course, I used my name.  I gave my state.  I didn't give a phone number or address. 
But you can see I told the President, REALLY, what needs to be done.  I offered him a chance to use this plan.  He can use my name if he wants..  Or he can claim credit for it, I don't care.  AS LONG as he puts forth a plan.  A GOOD plan. 
5 Days until default.  4 days to get a solution.  Less than a day to offer a reasonable plan.  And disaster on day 6 if nothing is down -- and The President will be "Celebrating" his Birthday in CHICAGO... Give ALL Americans, Mr. President, a reason to celebrate with you.  PUT FORTH A PLAN.  MINE, OR NOT, DO IT.  That's the only choice to prevent chaos -- AS I SEE IT!
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