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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sample Sunday, From Special Times, Special Summers -- Chapter "Mr. Lonely Hearts."

Wayne, being a couple years older than I, had much more experience, and certainly more wisdom than I did. He could also see the cause of my distraction. I hadn't told him a thing. Yet, he understood immediately. "It's a girl, isn't it?" I nodded, reluctantly. "That is trouble, my friend. Big trouble. Talk to me!"

I told him the story. From day 1, but of course day one had been just a couple of days ago. I watched his face. First, he showed disbelief. Then, it was incredulous look. Then it was envy. As I finished the story, it was understanding and perhaps a bit of sorrow. He nodded. Then, I told him what I was thinking.

He said, "Affairs of the heart are something I have some experience in. How old is this girl? Your age, maybe a year older? If you are going to play this game with her, you better be close to the same age."

"No. She's almost 3 years younger than I am, Wayne. She's not even a teen, so far as I know."

His jaw dropped. He was speechless. He closed his mouth, opened it again, and then closed it. It was almost 2 minutes before he said anything. But when he did, he really let loose.

"Are you mad?" he thundered. Nobody was home, but I was wondering if someone had heard. "You must be! She's way too young! Insanity. You've gotten yourself into big trouble!" I fancied that I heard glasses rattling in the cupboards, plates falling off the table.

Then, he calmed down. "Friend, you have big, big trouble. You've developed a crush. And on a girl who's 3 years younger than you. This is bad news, I tell you. And you want to play along? You must be out of your mind. But I cannot advise you how to get out of it. I can only tell you this: It's your heart. You're entitled to risk it." I wrote that down in my book. Then he continued, "Don't go overboard, my friend. This can never last. Girls that age are trouble, and they know little of the way of the world. But let me say this: There's a reason that they call your situation a crush. Do you know why?" I shook my head. "Because that is what is going to happen, believe me. Sooner or later, she will crush you."

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