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Monday, April 12, 2010

No deposit, No return !

 That title may seem to indicate that I'm talking about bottles, cans, or some other recycling situation.  Do not be misled!
I will, on occasion, watch CNN news to try keeping up with stocks, politics, weather or sports.  But once in a while, a headline slaps me across the face -- like a blast of cold air, or a wet fish.  And while I grant you the story is incomplete for me, I am entitled to call it AS I SEE IT.
This harsh dose of reality was seen this morning:  a 7 year old child, adopted, returned to Moscow from the USA.  In essence, this is a "RETURN TO SENDER" on a "No deposit, no return" item.
I don't know if the child was an orphan who had to shift for himself, or was an "At birth adoption plan" which didn't get carried through until he was 6.  But I am inclined to believe that an adoption is a permanent obligation, not something you can change at the drop of a hat, or because of a change of heart.
It is stated that the adoptive family was aware of some issues with this child.  He is apparently prone to violent mood swings, and has threatened the family, as well as set the house on fire.
Even if the adoptive family didn't know of the issues (Doubtful, from what I was seeing), do they have no concept of discipline?  You're going to find kids who are violent, prone to temper tantrums, or pyromaniacs.  You need to get them to professional help, not pack them up like a bunch of fish and send them to the dump!
What is Russia going to think of the US for this particular family's behavior? 
An adoption is's not something upon which you can turn your back.  The child is yours, you must deal with him or her.  Psychiatrists can break through the walls kids set up.  There are military schools, or special schools for those who have problems.  But after shelling out a fortune to complete an adoption, you're stuck with it.  This is a human life, not a car you can trade in. 
The family who sent the child back to Moscow has set a dangerous precedent, instead of living up it its responsibilities!
That's the heart of the matter -- It's NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN -- AS I SEE IT! 
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