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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of the nonsense!

Recent developments have cast doubt on what I call "Globabble." It seems
that a bunch of Email from various places somehow wound up in the RIGHT
hands...The hands of the people who are trying to prove that "Warming" is a
hoax. The Liberal Left is screaming "THEFT" of the Email. You notice that
they aren't screaming about ACORN. When Nixon's info became public, Where
were their ethics then? Same place they are now, I suppose: In the

Minnesota had one of the coldest summers on record this last year. 5
consective days in August in my town had record lows. There were many
record lows throughout the country. Yet you constantly hear about "Global

Do you remember the "Global Cooling" nuts of the 70s? How many of these
folks flip-flopped, I wonder?

Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin -- all had cooler than average summers. Can
ANYONE really explain that in the context of "Warming?" Minnesota had one
of the coolest summers on record, SNOW in September and Very Early October,
Most of November was nice, not HOT, not cool, but slightly above average,
and warmer than last year (When the lakes were all frozen by the end of the

Now, we're getting hit with temps that will be below zero. THOSE don't
normally show around these parts until late December. Last year there were
some in November. This year we are likely to hit -6 early. Now, if you can
explain THAT in the context of "Global Warming." You can't. Because no
theory can show you how that's getting "Warmer" can be getting cooler.

Now, I don't deny that there has been an increase in CO2. Sure, there are
icebergs floating about. There was one floating about in 1912, as well.
Remember the Titanic? Hmmm?

I have yet to see ANYTHING that shows "Warming" on the scale the "Scientists
are claiming. But I don't need to be a rocket scientist to read the word
Trick" in Email. If they meant "Method" (As they claim) why didn't they say
that? And why do the Emails allude to "Hiding a decrease" in temps?

It's food for thought, and unfortunately for the "Globabble" folks, it's an inconvenient truth. That's the FACT-- AS I SEE IT!

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