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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fort Hood incident -- a commentary

When I first heard about the Fort Hood incident (Read about it, actually),the first thing I thought was some sort of terrorist attack, possibly a civilian perpetrator, against the military here in this country. With 12 killed, 31 injured, It seemed like a logical answer. Since 9/11/2001 there have been no attacks in this country, although there have been a bunch against Americans, and American allies overseas.

But on the second thought, a civilian made little sense: How could a
civilian end up with that kind of firepower on a military base? It wasn't a
bomb attack, and that is very unlikely to occur here.

Second thought was some sort of berserk military fella, probably a private.

The information trickled in, seemingly indicating that the perpetrator had
killed himself. This seemed to indicate that we would never really know
what was going on, or why. But a then it couldn't be a terror attack, just
a nut case. Just another section 8 guy, ready to be thrown in the loony bin

As more info came in, it was surprising: It was apparently a terror attack,
but by an American.. This was truly appalling. To learn that the suspect
wasn't a private, but a Major, a psychiatrist, 39 years old... A Full
officer in the US ARMY, I found it hard to swallow. And Then, the name --
Arabic in origin, and the man was a Muslim, about to be deployed to the war
zone in Afghanistan. What caused him to crack? Was this man a Jihad-symp?
A spy in the midst of the US Army?

The evidence seems to indicate his Muslim faith had something to do with
this. When he started firing (according to reports) he shouted "Allah
Ahkbar," or something like that...I'm not an expert on Arabic, but I think
it means "Allah is great."

This little situation in our own military makes me wonder: How many many of
the Islamic Faith are in the U.S. Military?

Is it time we start throwing the members of the Islamic Faith out of our military? Or is this just an extreme case, A Major who cracked?

When we can't even trust the members of our own Military, it's a sad day. Even more sad when I have to conclude that the members of the Muslim Religion cannot be trusted in our Military.

It looks as if the "Red Scare" is back in the guise of Islamic extremists.How are we to know who we can trust?

To pull out of Afghanistan is right...but to do it NOW is wrong. I don't want to be a "McCarthy-esque" alarmist. But I feel that we need to start going through the ranks, watching for the tell-tale signs of Jihadist. We need to start NOW. Until we do, our great nation is at risk. And that's the truth -- AS I SEE IT.

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