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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm open for a new award name!

Today's number is 27250. Or 382251 if you want to go to extremes.

I've been watching a lot of TV recently. More than I would have expected 5 months ago. And I'm extremely surprised at the situation. I'm seeing commercials that are so stupid it's hard to classify them as anything but nonsense.

I'm sure you've seen the Geico Gecko, right? It's as bad as the Caveman...worse when you consider their stupidity.

There's one for JC Penney. Yes, but it IS their commericial, and I simply MUST comment. They're showing back to school stuff, and a tight schedule. But they are STUPID. Why? Well, they show a band concert scheduled at 7:30. But unless you're an ensemble, or a rock band, this simply doesn't wash. BAND PRACTICE... BIG CONCERT. The student is very busy practicing her violin. I'm sure she's getting it down. What's the problem? VIOLINS ARE NOT PART OF A BAND. They are part of an orchestra. Is JC PENNEY so stupid as to think I don't know the difference?

But this leads me to the new award. I need a title of some sort. I'm thinking of the golden toilet. Let me see if you can give me any ideas for better names, but you need to know the whole story.

I walked out to the mailbox today. Mail seldom brings any good news, today was no real exception, except for the stupidity I found in the mailbox. I received a check. Oh, is that all, you're asking? Well -- if you saw the amount, you'd see the Golden Toilet award.

This check came from Merrill-Lynch, the new AIG when it comes to waste. Or is it the new Obama administration? ::sigh::

How much does it cost to print a check? probably a few cents for ink, 10 cents for the check? Maybe? The envelope is maybe 25-30 cents. Postage is .44. And then there's the time spent to process, PLUS the gas to take the check to the bank, plus the processing time at the bank, phone calls...

Yeah, there are 5 senses. And there is one senseless. This Astonishing check couldn't buy a gallon of gas. It couldn't by a gumball.

Paging Mr. Bill Gates! Or Mr. Luke Sidewalker? What do you do with a check for 6 cents?

It's definitely time for the golden toilet award...and believe me, what they wasted to send this check wasn't worth what they spent.


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