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Friday, February 20, 2009

I hate Minnesota. I hate Minnesota with a passion. I hate Minnesota with a passion most people reserve for Taxes. I used to love Minnesota. My hatred of Minnesota has grown over the years. It has grown from a mild dislike to a full blown HATRED, especially of my city and county, and the lying bastards who inhabit it. ESPECIALLY three particular people...or is it more, now?

Minnesota is a bunch of lying crooked politicians, lying lawyers who don't know a D*** thing, a lying fool vet who is more concerned with money than his career, a county attorney who knows NOTHING about situations, a fool humane society investigator, and a bunch of total s***head neighbors.

Let's see:
Neighbor A
Neighbor B
County Attorney
Humane Society Investigator
Health Department
Officer A
Officer B
Officer C
Tax Department

That's 10 so far, and I'm not finished!


The state wants its tax money. Fine. They try to levy my wages...I have a payment plan set up. They tell me they're going to offset my Federal and State Refunds. I've had a total of 1 refund in the last 7 years. I find that I now owe at least 200 Federal, and another 66 for state. HA, the joke's on them. They ain't getting a freaking thing from an offset -- there is no refund...AGAIN.

Neighbor "A" throws me into court. Over a one-time thing...and I battle it. It's a stalemate -- until about 3 days ago. And the ass reopens the case for no damned reason whatsoever. I'm told the only thing I can do is pay about 10000 by getting rid of the cause. Outright blackmail...theft! But the State/county doesn't see it that way.

Neighbor "B"...his gripe is a little more valid. It's bad enough as it is...but when you have to butt heads with a neighbor who lives nearly a quarter mile away, it is bad enough.

Humane Society -- perhaps all over, and I will never forgive the fool who original came out here. He blasted me over a death of an animal which died shortly after a very hard labor. We had to have a different one put down because she wasted away. They call it "Neglect", I call it unavoidable. She went down, and couldn't get up. The vet said the "Right thing to do" was put her down...and it got us in trouble.

County attorney. He knows NOTHING of the facts. He claims our fence is not functional, not keeping livestock in. Actually, the fence is claims isn't functional isn't. But he has ignored the functional fence that is keeping the livestock on the property! And I am going to verify that today. Bastard!

Oh, that's just the FIRST part of it. He wants to steal all the livestock -- without reparation -- throw a fine my way, and toss me in jail for "Nuisance." Well, I got news for you, ain't going to happen!

Second part -- One of the head of livestock wasted away even though I called the vet and followed exactly what he said to do. I had her put down. NOW, they are doing a "Criminal investigation" to determine if the animal was neglected. Do they have no eyes? Can't they see the health of all the other animals? Apparently they think I killed the animal for insurance money, or something. It's 100% bull...and I am not taking it anymore.

Did you know the health department can raid you without a warrant? And that you can be arrested if you don't let them in? Well, that's the way it is HERE, anyway. And I, for one, have HAD it with their intrusions into a private home -- intrusions that take place at any time, and without a warrant! At least THIS time they've given me some warning. I guess I need to take the good where I can find it.

I got bit by a cat. I call the vet for an immediate analysis of the cat, but the vet won't do it. Instead, he tells me to call 911, and THAT nets allegations of animal abuse. It's bull. Some of them may be a little dirty, several cats are being giving a chance to live even though they have FeLV. They're being kept INSIDE so they don't spread the disease to other cats.

The state tries to steal my driver's license -- because one cop claims I'm driving erratically. I had an asthma attack, didn't have my inhaler. I beat that, but at a cost of over 100 bucks.

I HATE this state.

I'm packing, I'm selling, I'm going to move. I am being forced to give up livestock at great cost. If I don't GIVE THEM AWAY, I go to jail. THIS IS THE LAND OF THE FREE? Minnesota is run by a bunch of power hungry asses who don't care about people at all. I'm OUT OF THIS STATE. Soon, I will leave, and I shall NOT RETURN. I have had MORE than enough!

NO MORE. That's IT. And I will be out of this state. And when I am, they can come to this property all they want. I won't be here.

Let Minnesota ROT IN HELL. The State deserves it!

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